Earthborn Holistic Venture LID Lamb & Butternut Squash

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Our fresh Lamb is pasture-raised in the vast paddocks and scenic rolling hillsides of Australia and New Zealand. Sheep farming has been a significant industry for native “Kiwi” co-op farmers for decades. They give extra care to their flocks to ensure quality results. Their animals are grass-fed and free-range. Once harvested, a slow-roasted zest creates a savory taste and aroma perfect for any dog craving satisfying flavor and herding a large appetite for fresh meat and superfoods, with a side of nutritional benefits.


This limited ingredient, grain-free diet, also features antioxidant-rich butternut squash. Handpicked from Central America, butternut squash provides rich sources of key nutrients and fiber to help your dog’s digestive system. Our Roasted Lamb & Butternut Squash recipe is a delicious & nutritious option for your dog or puppy!

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