Dave's Dog Can Restricted Diet Sodium Chicken 13 oz

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We know that you only want the best for your pet. If your dog has special needs or a sensitive stomach, these are the foods for you! Consult with a veterinarian before putting your pet on a restricted diet.


Dave’s Pet Food offers a range of restricted diet dog food for different conditions. The chicken or lamb bland formulas are wheat and gluten-free, good for sensitive stomachs during times of transition or for chronic stomach upsets. The sodium chicken recipe features low and healthy sodium levels.


Our latest flavor, farmyard blend in sauce, is grain and carrageenan-free, the only dog food brand that can boast this claim. Carrageenan is a seaweed substance used as a food thickening agent, which may be harmful to pets. This product should only be used for intermittent feeding due to its low phosphorus levels.


Basically—this is a can of chicken. If your dog requires less salt--then Dave’s Restricted Sodium Canned Dog Food might be the answer. Our formula has only the sodium naturally found in chicken—no more is added. 

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