Dave's Cat Can Restricted Diet Magnesium and Phosphorus 5.5 oz

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Finally! After a gazillion emails and phone calls, the restricted diets are now reformulated as grain free and carrageenan free. I cannot tell you what a huge deal this is! We are the only brand making this type of diet that can boast theseclaims.

The only reason why the formulas are now “for intermittent feeding only” is the lower protein, phosphorus, and or magnesium levels made the new formulas not meet the AAFCO standards for a regular diet… which is why you needed a ‘restricted diet’ in the first place. Truth is, we (and AAFCO) really don’t want the pet on this type of diet unless it needs to be, so it is good to have that on the label.

Here is the AAFCO requirement for adult maintenance phosphorus and magnesium for cat food vs ours:


                       AAFCO      Dave’s

Magnesium.    0.10           0.05

Phosphorus    0.5.            0.70



Our Restricted Diet Canned food for cats has a new yummy formula. We’ve added more protein for flavor while keeping the phosphorus levels in check to avoid renal issues. Our veterinarian pointed out that if the food isn’t tasty enough and your cat stops eating – which can lead to even more problems. We think your cat will like our new formula, and though we can’t make any claims that our new restricted diet formulas will help your cat’s liver—we’re happy to send you a free can to take to your vet and ask them!


For your free can, just email: [email protected]

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