AvoDerm Dog Dry Revolving Trout and Pea

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AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Trout & Pea Recipe is grain free and uses trout as the first ingredient for a premium protein source. By using two unique carbohydrate sources, garbanzo beans and peas, this recipe is grain free to accommodate those specific dog food intolerances. If your dog is sensitive to other protein sources, such as a lamb, chicken, or beef, this formula made with trout is ideal for you. Dogs with itchy skin will also benefit from the advantages of natural California avocados.

When feeding AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu dog food, you can choose to feed just one recipe or any combination of recipes on the menu. These recipes were specifically formulated for the option of rotational feeding, so you can feel confident about giving your dog variety without the worry of an upset stomach.

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